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Tequila Village

Tequila Village
I drink so I'm him what happened Ours was I thinking?

I'm okay in the city Saturday Gone - 1 VK blue byeonghaetda kopparburg 2, then had to go back to my village Cider 2 tequilas 2 halfs. I usually have, but we left the bar than To drink more of my BF friends back home, I'm really getting sick I remember at that time I remember feeling completely at home by taxi again! The rest of the night and very sore the next day was very vague. I'm friendly: (i asked in a nice area), so I live exaclty I know that I feel after drinking a few times and it is almost So what if I drink that much at all, or certain I'm not, and I have to treat her stomach primarily when I drink I mix it? And the next day I went to night mitdoeeotseupnida Check out some more before the shot, and I never have Forget the other things that night x

Sounds to me like a burn - glass Greeks do not have to remember to be alone, my brother's friend What she was drinking a bottle of vodka was spiked

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